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Who are we?

We are a group of born-again Christian men located in the Philadelphia, PA area. We are all active in a growing, gospel-preaching, bible-believing church where strong emphasis is placed on worship, and teaching God's Word verse by verse. Since we have never been involved in a cult, we can not be considered apostates. Our involvement in this ministry is volunteer. We are not paid. All of us work full time jobs and support our spouses and children.

Though we have never been involved in a cult, God has put a caring burden on our hearts to reach out and help these people find true freedom and grace in the person of Jesus Christ. We feel as though many honest and trusting people have been led astray into a deceptive organizations with no biblical foundation. If we can help anyone, even one person, find the real Jesus of the bible, our prayers and efforts will have been rewarded. May Jesus Christ bless you abundantly.


Tower to Truth