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Jehovah's Witnesses

The Last Generation The Watchtower's newest light that points to the end by the year 2005!
JWs For Dummies! - Clueless about JWs? Start here.
Is Jesus Dead? Why does the Watchtower teach that the man Jesus is forever dead?
Who Removed God's Name from the Bible?

Who Molds Your Thinking? Does the Watchtower use mind-control on its followers?

Watchtower Repeats False Prophecy Has the Watchtower learned from its past mistakes? 

What major reasons does the Watchtower have for not celebrating Christmas?

Is The Light Getting Brighter? Has the Watchtower’s "new light" ever gone backwards to a previous teaching?

What Happened to the 1914 Generation? Why did the 1914 generation mysteriously disappear from copies of the Awake magazine?
Who Is Your Mediator?  Has the Watchtower left 6 million of people out in the cold without a mediator?
Was Charles Russell in the Light?
Does the Watchtower Protect Pedophiles?
Did Jesus Return In 1874?  Has the Watchtower always taught that 1914 was the beginning of Jesus' second presence?

Going Greek Is The New World Translation an accurate representation  of the ancient Greek text?

Blood Transfusions  "Will You Die for a Lie?" - Examines the Watchtower's ever-changing standards on blood.

False Prophecies Has the Watchtower ever predicted anything that failed to come to pass? Let's review the record!

Does The Watchtower Endorse Spirit Mediums?
What do the Watchtower, an ex-Catholic priest and the occult have in common?

Will the Real Jesus Please Stand Up?
Analyzing the identity of Jesus Christ as taught by the Watchtower Society.
What Must I Do To Be Saved?
How do we accept God’s awesome gift of eternal life?

Why Was The Watchtower Disassociated From the United Nations?  Has the Watchtower committed spiritual fornication with the scarlet-colored wild beast?

Letter to a Jehovah's Witnesses


Reasoning  From the Scriptures (JW)

What is the Condition of the Dead?

Is Jesus "The God"?
Should Christians Worship Jesus?
Whose Sin Did Jesus Pay For?
Where is the Great Crowd?
Where Will Old Testament Believers Spend Eternity?



Mormonism Uncovered! - 12 Things you Must Know about Mormonism and the Bible, by Fran Sankey
Mormon Temples: The Gates of Heaven, by Sharon Lindbloom
What Price Freedom, by Kathleen Baldwin - Examines the Crushing Weight of Leaving the Mormon Church
Mormon Scripture - Conviction or Contradiction?


Other Groups

Is Christian Science Christian
Interesting Quotes from Mary Baker Eddy
Science & Health and the Bible: Do They Agree on Questions of Eternal Significance?



The Ultimate Test! - Do You Have the Right Jesus?, by Fran Sankey
Exposing Error - Dr. Harry Ironside


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